Charles Lynn Bragg

Wonders of the Sea stamps, 72dpi

Wonders of the Sea, 1994 USPS Commemorative Stamp

The art of Charles Lynn Bragg has been seen by millions of people.  You might have seen his environmental images in art galleries, on magazine covers, jigsaw puzzles or postage stamps.

Charles Lynn Bragg was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1952.  His artist parents, Charles Bragg and Jennie Tomao moved young Charles (Chick) and younger sister Georgia to Los Angeles in 1956 to establish a professional art studio in Beverly Hills.  As teenagers, his parents took the family to galleries and museums in Los Angeles, New York and Europe.  Art and Art History unfolded naturally and on purpose for Chick.  His higher education and formal training began at L.A City College, followed by Pierce Jr College, UCLA Extension, The California Institute of the Arts, Otis Art Institute Extension, California State University Fullerton and El Camino College.

In the 1970s and early 1980s, Bragg began his career as a printer and print maker.  His artist father taught Chick and Georgia how to print limited edition etchings and how to make their own editions.  Bragg’s studies and work produced in this decade include life drawing, anatomy, etching, serigraphy, lithography, painting, photography and ceramics.


City Limits, acrylic on canvas

In 1986, Chick started a painting of a woman standing in a tropical jungle, surrounded by menacing forest animals.  Frustrated and unhappy with several attempts at painting a convincing or compelling figure, Bragg painted it out and filled the scene instead with dozens of animals, birds and insects hidden about in the lush jungle foliage.  He added a cityscape, complete with skyscrapers and a nuclear power plant in the background.  Lastly, Chick painted a bulldozer bearing down on all animal and plant life.  The title of the work naturally popped into his head, “City Limits”.


Leopard, acrylic on canvas

The environmental theme and artistic style of “City Limits” struck a chord with Bragg and the public.  A vegetarian since the age of 18, it encapsulated Chick’s concern for the environment and for the welfare of all animal life.  Depicting and conserving the Earth’s ecosystems became his purpose in art and in life.  He took his camera from the mountain tops to coral reefs throughout the world to photograph the ordinary and the extraordinary to combine the images into animated composition of places, things and animals.  He became involved with environmental movements and animal rights issues.

In the late 1980s, he began licensing his images worldwide on jigsaw puzzles, posters, tee shirts, calendars, collector plates, watches and other items.  In 1994, Bragg was commissioned by the U.S. Postal Service to design four commemorative stamps “Wonders of the Sea”.  Also that year, Turner Publishing, Inc. produced the book Wild Lives: The Animal Kingdom of Charles Lynn Bragg, showcasing Bragg’s realistic, yet whimsical animals in their natural and not-so-natural habitats.  In 1989, his work was introduced to Japan and Bragg’s conservation themes quickly developed an enthusiastic following and booming popularity.  From 1990 until 2003, Bragg exhibited his work exclusively in Japan, having more than forty one-man shows in over twenty cities there.


Ego, soapstone

In 2003, Bragg turned his attention back to the human figure and for the first time began to seriously explore a latent desire to sculpt.  With no training as of yet, Chick began carving stone and produced his first sculpture in stone, “Ego”.  A class in bronze casting at Otis, Los Angeles and a 6 week stone carving program in Pietra Santa, Italy amplified his interests in sculpting.  Chick enrolled as a full time sculpture student at the California State University, Long Beach in 2005 and received his BFA in Sculpture in 2009.

Doctor and Earth (after Rockwell)

Vital Signs, after Rockwell, oil on canvas

Inspired by his studies of art history at CSULB, Bragg began a series of paintings titled “Earth Icons”.  Each work is based on a famous or an infamous artist or work of art throughout art history, such as Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa”, Dali’s “The Persistence of Memory” and Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”.  Bragg remakes the original works and gives them his 21st century global spin.  Each chosen image is studied and copied to be as close to the original as possible, but Bragg adds something new, slightly askew and close to his heart.  His latest in this series is based on Norman Rockwell’s 1929 illustration “Doctor and Doll”.  In Bragg’s version, the young girl presents our precious Earth instead of her doll to her trusted Doctor.  The good Doctor humors her as he checks the Earth’s vital signs.


Circle of Friends, acrylic & pastels on paper

Currently in 2016, Bragg has a passion to go big.  He would like to take work developed in his studio and scale them up into monumental murals, sculptures and installations in public arenas.  Even though his work has literally been seen by millions of people for over four decades, Chick wants to reach millions more.  “As an artist and a person, it is my goal to treat people, animals and the environment with compassion, dignity and respect, and inspire others to do the same”.

© Charles Lynn Bragg   Manhattan Beach, CA   310-802-0187

A complete list of all Charles Lynn Bragg licensed products and licensee companies is available upon request.

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  1. Dear Charles:
    We love your original African watering hole painting. We are a Pediatric office and we want the rights to use it as a mural in our office.

    Please let me know it that is possible.
    Dr. Lionel Herrera

  2. Charles! I am your cousin, Daniella Park. I didn’t know Bobby Bragg was my dad until a few years back. I am an artist as well and had your painting on my wall as a kid! Just amazing how close I have been to you without knowing we were related. So many other bizarre stories of artwork turning up in my life from the entire family. Can I please meet you, I want to know who my family is and show you some of my art? I am writing a book, “Vaudeville”! Hope to hear from you. Daniella (818) 271-1600.

  3. Hi Chick, I found your page because you liked a bunch of my photos on Instagram. It’s coincidental because I actually knew your dad. I knew him from working at Dyansen gallery and from working with the foundry to produce one of his bronze sculptures. I also lived right down the street from him on Maple Drive. I remember how much he loved his Doberman too. He was very clever and talented and he was always very gracious to me. My condolences to you and your family for your loss. Best wishes

    1. Post

      Thank you Joe. My dad was funny and brilliant all the time and was a great father. I am so lucky to be his son. I am an artist because he was an artist.

  4. My husband was given an original signed lithograph that your Dad did of a golfer (wearing a blue sweater) hitting a shot at Riviera with the clubhouse in the background. I can’t find any information on it. We live in the Caribbean and I’m afraid if we hang on to it, it will get destroyed in this environment. I am wondering about an aftermarket on his work. I’m not sure what year it was done, as it hung in the entry at their house for as long as we can remember. I’m sorry that your Dad has passed on…….. It seems as though his talent was passed down and his legacy will live on.

  5. Hello chick . I sow your pictures. I gat good feeling. I retired surfing. But I have a G-Land memory now on. One day I want to see you again.

    1. Post

      Hello Matchan, I am retired from surfing too. My G-Land memories are strong and make me happy. Maybe we will meet again someday. I still live in Manhattan Beach.

  6. Hey Chick, it was great to meet and chat with you yesterday at SBC SOLA Fresh closing reception. I just read your bio and looked at a little more of your work. You’re the real deal! Hope to see you again at some point. Sincerely, Sonny Lipps.

    1. Post

      Really good to meet you too, Sonny. I will check out your website today. I really liked the two paintings that you had at the show and your explanation of them. Usually, from my experience, an explanation from the artist about what I am looking at is distracting from my own “take” on the work. You enhanced my appreciation of your paintings and your process. I would be happy to show you how to get going with oil paint.

  7. Greetings. I was unable to find the first site I searched that spoke specifically to Last Oasis. I just acquired a piece that is signed by you and beautifully framed but it measures larger than the other works cited in prior site. It appears to be about 24×36 under the double matting. It is signed by you lower left, Last Oasis title in center bottom and on the lower right corner it is numbered V/XXX. I have not seen a reference to this numbering format and wondered if you were able to enlighten me on the differences in numbering systems for your works. Thanks. Damien, Palm Springs, CA.

    1. Post

      Hello Damien, The original painting of “Last Oasis” was printed as an off-set lithograph on paper, limited edition of 425, 45 A/P (artist proofs) and 30 (XXX) Roman Numerals. The image size is 30″high by 25″wide, plus borders and printed and published in 1990. I hope that answers your concerns. Thank you, Chick

  8. Aloha i1 have a Cheyenne Scout litho and I love it dearly. please tell me the meaning of this. I know there is a story on his arm I was told by the man who sold it to me in Kahn Galleries warehouse in 1985. my Mother–law was Apache and my Father -in -law was Cherokee so your painting means a lot to me. mahalo for your time. Sincerely Norma Jean Hall

    1. Post

      Aloha Norma Jean Hall. “Cheyenne Scout” is an etching, which is quite a bit different from a litho. My etching was printed by hand, one at a time, by me. Each print takes about ten minutes to complete and then it needs to dry for a day or two. “Cheyenne Scout” was created in 1980. A dear friend of mine had a beautiful photograph of this very handsome, noble native American with the inscription of “Cheyenne” and “Scout”, in so many words and I knew I wanted to draw him. As I drew, I thought about what it meant to be a scout, a protector of his precious people. So,cradled in his arms are his people, his community. Behind him in the sky is the silhouette of a Bison, a scout on horseback and a “peace pipe” with a setting sun. I am sure the real story behind the photo that I was inspired by is much more meaningful, powerful, soulful and deep than my account. I am glad that my image means a lot to you. Thank you so much. Mahalo, Chick

  9. I have a very large poster of ‘Waters Edge’ that says from The Nature Company with your name at the bottom and I just wondered if you could maybe tell me more about it? It’s on like cardboard. I’ve never seen anything like it! It’s amazing.

    1. Post

      Thank you Shedevil216. I made that painting in 1987, acrylic on canvas, about 40″h x 30″w. It was printed with the Nature Company graphics in 1987, with multiple printing after that as well. I condensed all the animals and fish of the world’s oceans with the encroaching human industries looming large in the background to emphasize the importance of conservation. It was printed on really nice stock paper but I don’t know anything about the cardboard nature of your print. Thanks for being a fan. Chick Bragg

  10. Hi chick: I Was researching your mom’s name and found this Glorious pictorial of your smiling face traveling the world creating.
    Such good feelings it inspired. Memories of my brief time in the “business”. Still have Cultured Cat and Kitten in the Window In my bedroom. So you are always in my life..a little bit.

    1. Post

      Hi Jan, Thanks for reaching out. The art world sure has changed in the last ten years. I don’t recognize the market at all and I am just floating in it getting by. I am almost finished with dozens of political caricatures that are going to be published in a book that will come out this winter sometime. You can see almost all of those on my Instagram account @chickbragg. Good luck to you and to us all.
      In love and art,

  11. Hello,
    Just purging the family basement and my Dad,90, and I, are doing Animal Magnetism, one of your puzzles we gave him decades ago. Great fun, great picture, amazing work. Thank you,
    L.E. Davis
    I do hope you create installations, and that they travel. They would be wonderful to see.

    1. Post

      Thank you so much for contacting me with that delightful story and encouraging words. I hope I am still making art if and when I make it to 90.

  12. Hello Chick,

    I just came upon and bought “Waiting”, a pen and ink drawing of a woman from 1987.

    She is quite lovely and I am just thrilled – thank you for sharing your work and talent.

    May I ask, do you remember the piece and if so – are you able to share anything with me about her?

    1. Post

      Hello Marianne, If you could send me a .jpg of the drawing, I might be able to fill in some details about it. During the 1970s, 80s and 90s I went to a live model drawing group every week or two just to draw from live, mostly nude, models. Drawing from a live model is like a very intense mental meditation. I think it is one of the hardest things to do successfully as an artist. I made thousands of drawings and sometimes I would just look at the drawing and think of the best title for it based on the drawing alone. Those drawing sessions were valuable learning experiences. Plus, I must have seen a few hundred naked people over the years, which is interesting in its own right. I look forward to seeing “Waiting”. Thanks and Aloha, Chick

  13. Mr. Bragg,

    I have come in contact with a plate of yours but cannot find it anywhere on any site. The plate is The Hamilton Collection presents Tales of Tavarua from Under The Sea plate collection by Charles Lynn Bragg. The plate number is 3442 C. 1993 HC. How can I find out more information on this plate? Please let me know.

    1. Post

      Hello Suzanne,
      Yes, I had a series of underwater images produced in limited edition on plates by The Hamilton Collection. Usually, there is an information sheet included with the plate inside the packaging. What kind of information are you looking for? I assume you have already looked at the Hamilton website. I wouldn’t know where else to direct you but I can probably answer some of your questions.

  14. I am so glad I finally found your website. I sent you an email earlier about a painting I have by your mother, Jennie Tomao. As the painting was just signed “Tomao” I assumed the artist was male, and could not find any artist named Tomao! Stumbling upon your website was the missing link I was seeking! Thank you, and look forward to your reply of my email.

    1. Post
  15. I have a small (5×7 print area) green tint drawing of a surfer. I was told, when I acquired it in 1972, the title is “The Surfer”. I cannot find it on your website or elsewhere. Pencil signed from an edition of 100. Wish I could attach a photo. Just want to know if you did a piece like this, probably late 60’s or early 70.??

    1. Post

      Hello Nate,
      Yes, that sounds like one of my early etchings. I made a few aquatint etching editions of waves and surfers in the late 1960s and early 1970s. I didn’t have any of those prints to photograph anymore when I developed my website so it doesn’t appear there. If you do take a photo of it would you send it to my email address please. I would like to see it. My email is Thank you, Chick

  16. Mr. Bragg
    Ten years ago, I attended an estate in historic Bolivar, TN and purchased a number of items from the estate (built in 1849). One of the items I purchased was a painting of Gen. George Armstrong Custer. It is signed “Bragg” in the right corner and is framed in an antique frame from New York framing company (mid-late 1800’s). After having the painting for over ten years, I decided to do some research on said painting, the artist, and the home the painting came from. My research has been quite exciting since the subject matter (General Custer), the house (Fentress-Black House, also known as Manor House), and the period in history are all subjects of continuing research on my part.

    I would like to send you photos of my painting if you are interested. I am no artist nor am I an art expert, but art and genealogical research is one of my major passions. I think the painting was made from photos of General Custer. I have found a wealth of photos of him and there is no denying the painting is of General Custer. I thought it may have been painted by your father using the photos as references.

    Please contact me if you are interested.
    Linda Rochelle
    404 Gunter Road
    Canton, MS 39046

    1. Post

      Hi Linda,
      I briefly answered your email before I read this letter. Although I am sure that my father did not paint this one and I know that I didn’t, it sounds like there might be another Bragg artist in the family way back when. After all, there was a General Braxton Bragg and a few forts named after him. Maybe in your genealogical research you might run across the Bragg that made it. Good luck and if you wouldn’t mind, I would love to know if you find anything of interest regarding the painting of Gen. George Armstrong Custer.
      Thank you,

    1. Post

      Thank you David, that is nice to hear. That piece is very unique to me and I have never done anything like it before or after. I was studying “Oriental Brush Painting” at UCLA at that time and it did influence the direction and look I was going for.
      Happy New Year.

  17. Hello Mr. Bragg.

    Hard to believe that it has been twenty years since we published ‘The Works’. Also surprising that I never met you on any of my trips to your father’s studio.

    As is my habit, I occasionally visit your father’s website. This most recent visit brought up your name and led me to your website. I had no idea that you had taken up pen and brush.

    Might you be interested in a publishing relationship with Pomegranate? Your work would make wonderful jigsaw puzzles and calendars.
    Our current range of jigsaws and our forthcoming line of 2020 calendars can be viewed on our website.

    In any event, please accept my appreciation of the quality of your growing body of work.

    Re your father: do you handle the estate with regard to permissions? His finely honed satire will still offend (perhaps even more so than ever), if not simply fly over the heads of viewers; however, there are some pieces that we might try as jigsaws.

    All the best.

    Thomas Burke

    1. Post

      Hello Thomas,

      Thank you for reaching out to me. I have had a long career of licensing my work on puzzles, calendars and many other items and I am always interested in new contacts and publications. Currently, I have only a handful of images that are licensed exclusively, so there could be many options for both Pomegranate and myself.

      I have enjoyed the books that Pomegranate published of my Father’s work and, YES, I think he still could offend the culprits and make the rest of us laugh. I don’t have any rights to give or deny permission to publish my Father’s work. You might try calling his old studio number and ask Margaret (his widow) for that.

      I have been working for 18 months on political caricatures for a book that we are putting together. I have a publisher but they have been shopping for a co-publisher. So, please contact me through my email if you would like to explore any of the above possibilities. Besides my website, you can also see more of my work on Instagram @chickbragg.

      Thanks again,

  18. Mr. Bragg (Chick),

    I have been fortunate enough to have the original piece to your Limited Edition “TLC”

    My niece is a vet science major who will be starting Vet school sometime soon. This summer she is doing an internship in South Africa where she will be able to work with veterinarians on a Safari. I look forward to presenting her with the painting upon graduating as an undergraduate prior to starting vet school. I am so impressed with your work, and will miss the piece dearly, but it is time to pass it on to someone who will cherish it for years to come.

    I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for your timeless works that have brought such joy to so many people throughout the world. Thank you very much sir!


    1. Post

      Hello Randy,

      Thank you for your kind words. I also replied to you on Instagram. Your niece sounds like an inspiring young woman. I am sure she will greatly appreciate the African internship and if she can go out on safari to see all the animals in the wild, she will never forget the experience. I have been on three African expeditions and they were eye-opening, educational, cultural and awesome. Good luck to you and your niece.

  19. Hello, Mr. Chick Bragg,

    Years ago before your dad’s passing, I visited his studio on Palm Av. in Beverly Hills. I bought a piece of artwork from him called The High Court. On the way in I noticed on the bureau in the hallway he had some bronze sculptures, among them was a small piece I believe it was called “The Dreamer” – a small two-piece bronze with a little sleeping man with a bronze cover over him. I wonder if you have that piece or if you can say where all those sculptures went, after his passing. We are interested in buying that piece if you have it. Look forward to hearing. Sincerely, Michelle Gross in North Hollywood.

    1. Post

      Hello Michelle, I forwarded your email request to my Dad’s old email address in the hopes that his widow, Margaret, might still check it, that is if it still exists at all. If Margaret doesn’t contact me then I won’t have the connection to find the sculpture that you are looking for. If she contacts me, then I will contact you or she might email you directly. Good luck. By the way, “The Dreamer” is hilarious.

  20. I have read that you may not have seen all of your mother’s paintings. I have a painting of a woman sitting in a wicker chair holding a young boy and she is showing him a pocket watch. Signed on bottom right Tomao. No print numbers on painting. If you have not seen this painting I would be glad to send you a photo.

    1. Post
      1. I will have someone with a smart phone send you a picture as soon as I can. Maybe today. Sorry it took so long to reply.

  21. Hi Chick – Jacky Wallace + family, here. I’m JoAnne/Alexis Wong’s cousin. Amedee just brought us one of your editions of “Fish Lips” from Eileen’s house. We absolutely love it. Great to reconnect with you through your work.

    1. Post

      Hello Jackie, I remember Eileen. I also remember that she had bad arthritis and had to have a joint or two replaced. I think of her often and how she must have experienced a lot of pain. I should know, I have had both knees, r. shoulder, l.big toe joints replaced, r.wrist fused and four back fusions over the last 12 years. I saw Alexis earlier this week. We get together for lunch every 2 or 3 months. Thanks for reaching out to me. Good luck, work hard and do good things. Chick

  22. I acquired your father’s Forces of Death Forces of Life suite maybe 40 years ago, in San Diego. I continue to find details that I’ve never noticed in that work.

    Today I started an Internet trip, that eventually included reading about your mother, and you. I met your father once in a San Diego gallery, and I think I met you, on a separate occasion, back in the 1980s or 90s, but I remember your name as Chick.

    Enough background. I noticed on your web site that you went to L.A. City College and Pierce College. I was born in 1945, in Los Angeles, so my L.A. City College days came before your time there, but I taught in the psychology department, at Pierce College, in 1970. Were you at Pierce that year?

    1. Post

      Hello Robert, I graduated from Taft in February 1970 and I went straight to LACC to continue my education but mostly to prolong my baseball career. I didn’t fit there and it was such a long drive from Woodland Hills. I also liked surfing more than baseball and that took over my heart, soul and time. But I started at Pierce the very next term and continued for a number of semesters where I studied Philosophy, Art, Ceramics, other mandatory classes. I just might have been in one of your classes. Thanks for reaching out to me. By the way, it is certain the I or my sister printed my father’s Forces of Death Forces of Life suite. Now that I think of it, Georgia (my sister) and I were the only people that ever printed my father’s and mother’s etchings.

    1. Post

      Hello Colleen, Your note on my website just showed up on my web page account today but it is dated from September 2019. I think we already finished our business and I shipped you the “Last Oasis” poster last year. Is that right?

  23. Hello Chick:
    This is so random, BUT I am in possession of your charcoal original of a lady , along with the photo it is based on. I will attempt to email you directly with a photo.
    It seems to be a personal item you might want back…
    I am now familiar with your work, thru the websites…Love your animal renditions!
    Linda E.
    Scottsdale, AZ

    1. Post

      Hello Linda,

      Yes, I would like to see the drawing and the photo, if you please. Thank you for the reaching out to me and for the compliment.


  24. Hello Chick!

    Iwill text or email to you with an attachment…….where should I send?

    Thanks for the reply…….


  25. Hi Chick…
    This is Kristina Hope, from your past, way back in the 80’s. I don’t know if you remember me, but I was an Art Consultant then, and I visited your studio in Venice (I think, or was it Santa Monica?) many times. I sold some of your work, bought some of it (2 of your etchings actually still hang in my bedroom) and attended many of your shows. I met your dad several times too, at some of his shows. So sorry to hear that you lost him. He was an amazing, and very funny man. I just came across something about him on line, so I thought I’d look YOU up. You look the same! I don’t know if you’re available to chat and catch up, but I would love that if you are. I’m still in L.A., in the valley, so not too far away. Please contact me if you’d like. It would be so good to reconnect. I hope to hear from you soon!

    1. Post

      Hi Kristina. Your name and Ambrosia Art definitely rings a bell in my brain but I can’t remember your face at the moment. Did you used to have an office in West L.A.? Anyway, sure, I would love to catch up with you. Your phone is listed here so I will call you within a few days. Merry Christmas.

  26. Way back in 1974, I was allowed to pick out a piece of art that would serve as my High School graduation gift. Wandering around some galleries, I found your work “Night Blooming Jazzmen.” I fell in love with it (the b/w version), but alas, its price exceeded our somewhat meager budget. We kept looking and looking for the right piece. Nothing resonated.

    We came back to Night Blooming Jazzmen and found a way to make the budget work. I have displayed it in a central place in my home ever since.

    Since buying it, I’ve had it reframed using fancy archival materials so that it will last longer. It hangs in our living room.

    I still love it.

    1. Post

      Hi Luis, That is such a nice story to hear. Thank you. Night Blooming Jazzmen was a really fun image to put together. I am sold out of them myself but I have one or two bent and smudged proofs left. The image has a lot of energy and character and I am glad you still enjoy it. I hope you are healthy and happy. Charles

  27. Hello from Nova Scotia, I purchased “Concentration” at a yard sale and it has a/p in the lower left corner and hand signed by you in the lower right. I have browsed your website, which is fabulous, and came across “Mind over Matter”. It is the same as Concentration without the celestial markings and lines. I’m wondering if I bought a fake or is there two versions? I don’t know much about art other than I loved the piece and think you’re a great artist.


    1. Post

      Hello Brian,

      “Concentration” and “Mind Over Matter” are the same image. Sometimes I end up giving the same image different titles as time goes by, mostly because I forgot that I had already named it or sometimes because I come up with a title that I like better than the first title.

      Sorry if I confused you and thank you for the compliment.


      1. Hi Charles, thanks for the explanation. I also purchased “Nose to Nose” and “Dolphin School”, numbered and signed, on canvas. I am very excited to have all three framed and hanging in my Cafe.


  28. Thanks for being a fan of my work Brian.

    What is the name of your Cafe? Do you have any photos of it online?

    Cheers to you too.

  29. Good evening, I was just checking out your website and filled out your contact form. The feedback page on your site sends you these messages to your email account which is why you are reading my message right now right? That’s the most important accomplishment with any type of advertising, making people actually READ your ad and I did that just now with you! If you have something you would like to promote to lots of websites via their contact forms in the US or anywhere in the world let me know, I can even target specific niches and my charges are very low. Reply here:

    1. Post
  30. I have a limited edition 11/100 of King Cat. It came from my moms estate. I am a cat lover and have always loved the print so kept it. Took it out of frame to see how i could make it fit in a little better with my modern minimalist style. Saw your signature and did the research and here i am. Did this cat belong to you or was it random? Thanks

    1. Post

      Hello, “King Cat” was one of the earliest etchings I made. It was from a random photo of a cat that I did not get to know. Thanks for contacting me.

  31. Hello Charles,

    My name is Angela and I’m writing you somewhat spontaneously, although sometimes the best ideas are born of impulse – something an artist would understand!

    I’ve had one of your greeting cards for nearly nearly 28 years, as my father selected it for my 15th birthday card and wrote a poem inspired by the scene you created on the card. He has always been a terrific writer and although never did anything with it, I got to enjoy these gifts and have kept some of them all of these years.

    My 10-year old daughter came across it and has fallen in love with his playful poem, first photocopying the words and now writing it out herself to help commit to memory and to display on her wall. Her natural draw to the poem (and my father’s obvious draw to your art) gave me pause.

    If he were to publish his poem or a version of it for a children’s book would you be interested in knowing more and collaborating with illustrations? Or finding a suitable agreement to allow use of the image? It would be incredible after all of these years for the art and artist that inspired it be involved.

    If so I’d love to hear from you.

    Warm regards,
    Angela Johnson

    1. Post

      Hello Angela,

      Thank you for such a lovely story and sentiment. I would be interested to collaborate but that would depend on too many things at the moment to give you a “yes or no” reply. Licensing the image is possible if it doesn’t conflict or compete with that same image licensed on a similar product. Can you share the poem with me and the image that inspired it?

      Good luck, good health and happiness,

  32. Hey chick. U asked me a question about color not to long ago and i finally have an answer for u. Also eant to lnow what happened to chisai. Lol

    1. Post

      Hi Kerry, I am not sure who you are or about the color question. Since there typos in your note, it is unclear what you are saying. But, I have a hunch who you might be. Can you send another note to clarify your identity? Who or what is “chisai?”


  33. Hi there,

    I wanted to reach out, as we are launching a new puzzle company and wanted to inquire about possible licensing options. Your work is incredible and we would be thrilled to start off with this level of artwork.

    Our goal is to produce 1,000 piece puzzles to enthusiasts that are both enjoyably to work on as well as admire once completed. We plan to launch with six artists and a range of styles, then grow from there.

    It looks like you have arrangements in place with other puzzle companies, but interested in exploring options if it makes sense

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks so much-Tim

    Tim Carroll
    c 312-543-9023

  34. I am a private collector of your father’s works for many years and have been searching for a particular oil from the “In the beginning there were mistakes” series. I have the serigraph, the bronze plate, and the etching and was hoping that you might know anyone who has an oil version of this work. Would very much appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you.

    1. Post

      Hello Steven, thank you for being such a fan of my Father’s work. I don’t know anyone that might have that particular oil painting, but I will ask my sister if she knows someone that might have it. I will write you again after doing a search for the painting.

  35. Hello,

    I have at a home a small print called “Forest Deer”. I picked it up a few years ago along with another called “I Love My Bone”. My prints have your writeup in the back and the deer is numbered 95/200. I could not find this print anywhere on your site or in my Google searches. I wanted to touch base with you to see if Forest Deer is in fact your work and if the numbered print is authentic. I absolutely love it and would love to have it framed soon, but would like to know of it’s authenticity or value before having it handled.

    Thank you,


    1. Post

      Hello Myia,
      Yes, “Forest Deer” and “I Love My Bone” are two of my limited edition prints. I haven’t put everything that I have done on my website and I am sorry if this has caused you to worry about them. I don’t know what dollar value to put on them at this time. When I sold them in Japan about 15+ years ago, they would have been around $2,000 unframed. These days, with internet sales and on-line art auctions, you probably wouldn’t get close to those numbers. There value is intrinsic more than monetary. I am glad that you enjoy them.
      Thank you,

  36. Hello!

    I have Black Cats, 7/200 and Black Cats 3, 31/200. I bought them in the mid-eighties from a gallery on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. I tried to research your name for years after that, with no success. Apparently the web didn’t know who Chick Bragg was. This morning while looking for something else your whole name popped up and I started reading. It wasn’t until I was 3 paragraphs into the bio before ‘Chick’ was mentioned. I ran over to the wall they have hung on for 33 years and sure enough…there was your signature, the names of the lithos and the numbers! I can’t tell you how delighted I was to finally have a face and bio for the artist I have admired for so long.

    1. Post

      Hi Carrie, I remember that gallery and Diane Genaro, the owner there. Those Black Cat etchings were very popular then. I am glad that now I have a face. I know my name has been a confusing issue for many years. When I first started my art career, I signed my work with my lifelong nickname “Chick.” In the late 1980s, a publisher started promoting and marketing my work and thought I should use my full name. My Father, a well known and widely distributed artist,is Charles Bragg and he signed his name as such. So, I had to include my middle name to avoid confusing my work with my Father’s, even though our styles are completely different. This made it even more confusing though, and many dozens of times people have attributed my work as his and his work as mine over the years. So, my work has been signed as “Chick Bragg” and “Charles Lynn Bragg” and some limited editions, because of limited space in those images, were signed as “C L Bragg.” I wish I didn’t listen to that publisher and just kept my nickname for my signature. Thanks for digging deep to find me and my work. Good luck in health and life. Sincerely, Chick Bragg

  37. Hello!

    So during the quarantine, I had the privilege of spending about 12 hours spread over several weeks putting together the 1,000 piece Secrets of the Rainforest. I plan to frame the finished puzzle but I would very much love to have a print/poster etc of it as well. Especially one in a larger format so as to appreciate all the details that much more!

    Is something that might be arranged through you or maybe point me in the right direction?

    Thank you for enriching my life with your art,

    1. Post

      Hello MacKenzie. I do have a poster for Secrets of the Rainforest. I don’t know the dimensions of the puzzle or my poster offhand but I do know that the poster is larger than the puzzle. I will email you a few images of the poster and then we could go from there. I am so glad that you appreciate my work.
      Aloha, Charles

  38. Hi Chuck – I got your contact info from Eilen Stewart at the City of MB. Manhattan Village is working with the City on doing up to 3 murals on the property. With the property on the tail end of a multi-year revitalization, we are looking to enhance the aesthetic and guest experience. Would you like to learn more about this opportunity? I have prepared a small deck with more info and I am available to show the locations in person. Best, Don

    1. Post

      Hi Marc. I don’t know how I missed seeing your birthday wishes for me. Of course, I think of you every time January 22 roles around. Getting old is tough business. I have had both knees replaced, both hips, one big toe joint, one shoulder, right wrist and thumb partially fused, a few bones taken out of my left wrist, four back fusions and I need to have the other shoulder replaced and the other big toe joint fused. Even after all that, I went surfing 3 times this past week. Surfing has been the biggest thrill, joy and soul filling thing in my life. I wake up every morning wondering what the swell, tide and wind are doing. Good luck to you. I hope I hear from you again.

  39. Hello Mr. Chick Bragg. The last time I was in your father’s studio in Los Angeles to buy a print of The Supreme Court, I noticed on the way out he had a few bronzes atop a cabinet near the front door. On top I noticed a small bronze, I think it was called “THE DREAMER”. I am interested to buy one now and wonder if you know where I can find one. It is a two-piece sculpture with a little man sleeping, the bronze cover which is his ‘blanket’ comes off. If you are familiar with the piece, would look forward to hearing where I might find one to buy! Sincerely, Michelle Gross in Los Angeles.

    1. Hello Michelle. Thank you for reaching out to me. I know exactly which sculpture of my father’s you are inquiring about. I will see if my sister might have one or have his widow’s current phone number. I will follow up with you through your email address. Sincerely, Chick Bragg.

  40. Hi there. A dear high school friend of mine is looking for a shirt he had back in the 1990s when we were in school.

    The name of the piece is “Voices in my Head”. If you or anyone here knows of a way I can find this shirt for him, I would be forever grateful.

    I will gladly pay for this item.

    Your artwork is beautiful and appeals to so many.

    1. Post

      Hello Jennifer,
      I remember that image and those tee-shirts. They were produced by WEE BEE and they have long been out of print. I am sorry that I don’t have any in my inventory or any leads on where to find them. I suppose it would be possible to, first of all, find the scan of that painting, and then have it printed on a shirt or other object. At this point, I don’t know how much that might cost but willing to explore with you. By the way, sorry it took a while to answer your inquiry, I just had hip replacement surgery. Good luck,

      1. Cool I just stumbled upon your reply to that lady I actually have the shirt it’s quite worn out and I actually still wear it I wore it in high school all the time it was very unique no one else had it I think I must have bought it at the museum of fine arts in Houston or something like that but anyways I’m 46 now had open heart surgery 16 weeks ago and added a few more voices in my head, just kidding,

        1. Post

          Hello Mathew,
          It seems you are referring to VOICES IN MY HEAD; is that right? I have a good digital file of that image and could probably have it printed on a shirt. First acknowledge that that is the image and then we’ll go from there. Thanks for being a fan of my work!

    2. That’s crazy I found your comment by looking for the same thing I actually have the shirt it’s very old I’m 46 and I wore it in high school I’m looking for another because it’s worn out and I love it so much I could send you a picture of it did you ever find one if so I would like to buy another.

  41. Bought a small print of a boy playing marbles, floating just ready to shoot , in a little sidewalk gallery when I lived in New Orleans in the late 70s and have had it on my wall in my studio for the past 40 years and enjoyed it immensely.
    Thank you!
    Austin TX

    1. Post

      Hello John,
      Thank you for telling me your story. “Boy with Marbles” was one of the very first etchings that I ever made. I am glad you enjoyed it over the years. Ahh, the late 70s…to be young again!
      Good luck,

  42. I’ve had “animal magnetism” in my room since I was born. Just hung it up in my new apartment. I’m an animal loving vegetarian too, and I think it might be because of the painting hahaha. But honestly…

    1. Post
  43. Aloha from Bend Oregon, This email is a blast from the past. Remember Tavarua you were a part of our surf group, You took a group shot late at night ( We all had flashlights and you took a picture using some process that would show each of us and Drunk, Big John ant the gang. Excited to see all your work ( Did that shot ever turn out?). Your past travel friend. Rick

    Rick Waring

    1. Post

      Hi Rick, I don’t exactly remember the group photo you reference and I think I would need to see your face to remember you. Sorry, but it has been a long time since I was on Tavarua. I think my last trip there was in the late 1990s. If you send a photo of yourself, send it directly to my email, Other than that, since the late 1990s I have had both knees and hips replaced, both wrists partially fused, 4 back fusions in lumbar region, and my right shoulder replaced. I have had a rare form of arthritis since I was a teenager but even with all of that, I went for a surf this morning at El Porto, Manhattan Beach, just a walk from my studio and home. Aloha and Mahalo, Chick

  44. I would like to purchase a print of City Limits and of Secrets of the Rain Forest for my 6 year old nephew who is absolutely fascinated by the almost magical discovery of a new animal each time he looks at a rendition of it on line. All I am finding is the puzzle version.
    Your art work quietly speaks volume of our world and all its intricate and connected layers.
    Thank you.

    1. Post

      Hello Lauley,

      Thank you so much. I am glad that you and your 6 year old nephew appreciate my work and the depth at which I create and feel them myself. I do have high quality posters of both images. I will contact you also through your email listed above. Aloha, Charles

  45. Hello CHICK.
    Thank you so much every times.
    So I get new job tutor for obstacle boys and girls. But not yet offered.
    l have been waiting every day in my
    Well I wish you good health .

    1. Post
  46. I have been collecting your father’s art for probably 50 years. I still constantly look at auctions to buy his art. I also have one of your rather large lithographs, (a white stallion??) which I bought at auction at least 20 years ago. I think I also have about five or your mother’s paintings.
    My vice is collecting art. Walls are full and they are just filling up my closets now.
    Looking at pictures of you-we have the same hair style which finally is becoming popular-the difficulties I had when I was in my early 20’s.
    I greatly enjoy your work-and appreciate your family greatly.

    1. Post

      Hi Dan, thank you for being a fan and collector of my family’s work. You could have a much worse vice than collecting art. In fact, guys like me need guys like you. I am not sure what you mean about the hairstyles though. I have had either the long-hair hippie hair or the shaved head look when I went bald in my mid-30s. Good luck and happy holidays.

  47. Mr. Bragg,
    Might you be available for correspondence regarding your father anf mother’s works? If so, please reply to my email listed. Thank you.

  48. Hello Chick. I worked at Dyanson Gallery in Bev. Hills for a year. Saw your dad’s pieces there. Then I bought personally from your dad in later years, out of his studio in BH. My question is: In your dad’s work, there appears a little ‘devil’ sometimes. At one time I read what it meant and why it was used. I have forgotten what the explanation was. Do you know? Do you remember?
    I apologize for the imposition but if you can answer that would be wonderful and I would appreciate it.

    Kind regards,
    Mike Gross

  49. Hello MR Bragg,

    The puzzle of Space race was amazing to do and look at the colors of all the animals.

    Is it possible to buy a print of Space race?

    Carole Lesage

  50. Dear Mr Bragg,
    I too am a fan. In fact I’m working with an autistic child doing the puzzle based on “City Limits”. He rarely speaks but asked me the name of the animal that is just above and left of tiny mouse near center of painting. I searched everywhere but have had no luck. He keeps asking so I thought I would write. Are there many puzzles of the paintings. I have his interest now! Cynthia Rose

    1. Post

      Hello Cynthia. Thank you for contacting me. That is a very special relationship you have there. I will have to do some research to find the name of that animal. I did that painting in 1986 and I don’t remember the name of that little critter. I’ll get back to you soon. I have about 20 images that have been produced as puzzles. Sincerely,
      Charles Bragg

    2. Post
      1. Thank you so much for going to the trouble, sir, of looking that up. Now he’s gone and found another couple hidden animals. He’ll be so pleased you wrote back. With each animal we look them up and I can keep his attention. I want to do another of your works with him next. Love you work!

  51. Dear Mr. Bragg,

    My favorite artwork in my house is an untitled etching by you which I purchased in the early 1980’s. It is of an African man numbered 13/100. The young man is iin 3/4 view with a small hoop earring in his right earlobe and what looks like a rope necklace. I would appreciate anything you can tell me about it. Thank you!

    1. Post

      Hello Janet! Thank you for being a fan of my work and writing to me. I think you are talking about an etching of a man from the African NUBA people. I etched and printed that in 1976. I was inspired by a beautiful pictorial book of the Nuba. In my records of that image it states that I lost the etching plate, the edition size is 100, plus 10 A/P (Artist Proofs) and 10 dedications, however, I only printed, signed, and numbered 56 in the regular edition and 10 A/P. I hope that answers your questions. Good luck and be good!!

  52. Hi Charles, I bought a painting that your mother painted I assume–Jennie Tomao. I bought it from Lauren NIxon out of her gallery in Studio City in 2011. I think your mother died around that time. Lauren said that the family wanted her works back. I am offering you her beautiful oil on canvas titled Lupines and Poppies. I got you name from Lauren’s bio about your mother. I paid 1200.00 for it but will sell for 1000.00 and ship it to you shipping included. If you email me, I can attach a photo etc of the painting. Lou

    1. Post

      Hello Lou! Thank you for contacting me with this opportunity. I am not in a position to purchase my Mom’s painting at this time. I would appreciate a photo of it and could pass that on to my sister, she might be interested to acquire it. Good luck and Aloha. Charles

  53. Aloha! I like your art very much. I’m a girl friend of Matchan Yohei Matsumoto. We enjoy to see your art works. I had been in Bali and Maui Hawaii,too. I show Maui’s “JAWS “ surfing photography book to Matchan. And he likes that so much. We wish your fine health and keep on going your grate creative energy. Much Love

  54. Hello CHICK!

    I already start painting and drawing.
    You can showing my pictures at my INSTAGRAM yohei matsumoto.
    And then I get a girlfriend so happy. She is name yuko maki. I wish always your healthy.

  55. Aloha! I’m a girlfriend of Matchan Yohei Matsumoto. We enjoy a lot of your art works. I had been in Bali and Maui Hawaii. I show the photograph book of Maui “JAWS “to Matchan and he likes the book.We wish that your great creative energy, keep on going.
    Much love!

    1. Post

      Aloha! Thank you for you nice comments.Surfing is still my biggest happiness even though I am 71 years old. When I was a young surfer, I always wanted to surf big waves but I never imagined the giant waves of JAWS and Nazare. I hope you are happy and healthy. Good luck and love, Chick

  56. Hi,

    I’m curious to know if you would be interested in Licensing Expo 2023 acquiring a list of pre-registered attendees email database?

    Attendees Are:
    • Manufacturer/licensee/wholesaler/distributor
    • Licensor/brand owner/property owner
    • Retail
    • Advertising/sales/marketing
    • Professional services
    • Licensing agent/consultant

    List contains – First Name, Last name, Company Name, Job Title, Email Address, Phone number, Company Website, LinkedIn Profile etc…

    Please let me know your thought, so that I can provide you with a list of all the numbers and pricing information.

    Awaiting your response, please.

    With Regards,
    Elizabeth Carter – Event coordinator.

    1. Post

      Hello Elizabeth,
      Thank you for contacting me regarding the 2023 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas. I’m not sure if I would need all that information but I am exhibiting there in booth J87. What is the pricing information? If you like, email me directly at

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