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  1. Tisha Weems

    Dear Mr. Bragg,

    My dear friend, Jill, recently passed away and I acquired her small collection of print and original artwork. One of the items I almost missed was still packaged between two pieces of cardboard! It is titled First Light and it’s a young woman with her head tilted to the left (as you look at the picture). It’s a blueish gray coloring. In pencil at the bottom left it says A/P then First Light, then it is signed Charles Lynn Bragg. Can you share more about this drawing and the year it was created? It is a lovely piece of work.


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      Charles Lynn Bragg

      Hello Tisha,
      I am so sorry for Jill’s passing on.

      As for the art, “First Light” is an etching, limited edition of 300 plus 30 AP (artist’s proof) and 30 PP (printer’s proof). There was also another limited edition pulled from this etched zinc plate in a “flesh” (Caucasion) color. I created the plate in 1988. The image is made from a drawing that I made from a photo shoot of a beautiful young girl named Leigh. There are two other limited editions from the same model, they are titled “Dawn” and “Morning”.

      I hope you can enjoy the work that your friend/family member found to be precious enough to keep.

      Thank you,

  2. chris

    Hi my sister passed away 2 years ago. I found a framed print of yours with the papers certificate of authenticity. Title Childs Face in Shadow. its dated 8-25-2009. I researched this etching and found nothing about it. Is there a meaning to this picture?

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      Charles Lynn Bragg

      Hello Chris, I hope your memories of your sister will be enough to comfort you. I am pretty sure I know which image you are asking about. The image is an etching made and printed in 1977 and part of a limited edition. The certificate of authenticity was signed in 2009 for that sale. The image is based on a photo I saw long ago. I made a drawing of it first and then an etching. It sounds like you have the etching. Is your piece signed and numbered or is it signed as an A/P, artist proof or something like that? I must admit that I can’t find the details of that limited edition but I remember that I made it along with other baby face images and they were all made in 1977 with edition size of 150.

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